Brick Farm Tavern

is one of the nation’s truly authentic venues to offer the delight of real pasture-to-table fine dining.

The experience takes place in a meticulously restored 1820’s farm house, steps away from working barns & fields.

We present our local sourcing to you not as a concept but as delicious food on your plate.

All aspects of a meal at the Tavern start on our farm. We are responsible for our animals, our plants, our soil,

our environment.

We also hope you have fun at the Tavern.

Your craft beer should convey the joy of the season. A brewery is behind the Tavern.

Your cocktail should be an epiphany of new flavors. A distillery is right behind the brewery.

Your chef, your server, your sommelier, your farmer,

we, are here to make you feel like you.

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Brick Farm Tavern
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The Farm

Brick Farm Tavern is the fulfillment of a vision to bring the harvest of the farm to the market, at Brick Farm Market, and ultimately to the Tavern’s table in a refined restaurant setting.